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Here`s what people are saying about Baby Massage with Carly.

"I've been attending Carly's baby massage classes since my little boy Angus was 6 weeks old and we both absolutely love them!!

We couldn't have hoped for a better instructor than Carly who has made us feel so relaxed and at ease in her home where she hosts the classes. It's a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere, perfect for little babies, and the weekly brownies are to die for. Being a first time mum I was a little apprehensive about dong the class but it honestly feels like I'm just popping in to see a friend every week and Carly really knows her stuff!

It's a fantastic way to bond with your baby and has done wonders for my little ones trapped wind issues, not to mention it's a perfect relaxation activity for just before bedtime.

Would highly recommend Carly to anyone thinking about baby massage."

Lynsey Cockburn

"Harris and I have absolutely loved the baby massage class with Carly. It has been a great way to learn baby massage step by step and Carly has welcomed us into her home and makes you feel relaxed to feed and change your baby throughout the class. It has been a fantastic way to meet other mums and share experiences and anxiesties of being a first time mum! Each week Carly makes a different flavour of brownie using a secret recipe x

I would highly recommend this class... thank you very much Carly xxx"

Jenny Louise

"Jack and I have absolutely love baby massage with Carly. Carly creates a lovely, calm and relaxed atmosphere and shows us step by step how to gently give our little ones a massage. Each week we learn something new and if we miss a bit of the class due to feeding etc. Carly always spends a little extra time with us to show what we have missed. It's been great being able to meet other mummies and their babies too and to have some adult conversation and allow Jack to meet other babies too. Also Carly makes the BEST brownies I have ever tasted!! We can even request a different flavour each week. I would highly recommend this class it's been amazing. xxx"

Julie Wilson

"My wee boy Rory and I have been going to Baby Massage with Carly since he was about 16 weeks old and I really cannot recommend it enough! Carly is excellent at what she does and her house is so lovely, comfortable and relaxing. The massage techniques are great to take home and my son loves it! As everyone else has mentioned, the brownies are phenomenal! Honestly the best mum/baby class I have been to so far. Thanks Carly x"

Susie Rennie

"We love going to Carly for our baby massage! It's such a lovely, laid back atmosphere that my little girl settled in straight away. Carly is great at teaching us the different massage techniques and because it is a small group it makes it very intimate and great bonding for you and your little one.

The brownies after each session are very popular and we look forward to seeing what flavour Carly has made each week!"

Emily Povey

"Matthew and  I have loved Carly's Baby Massage Class. Started the class when he was about 11 weeks old and it's great to go to a class where you can take away everything you have learnt and do at home yourself with confidence. We normally do a bit of massage after bath time and it has become part of our routine. Carly makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed and cannot recommend her enough!"

Kimberlee Anderson

"Layla & I have been doing baby massage with Carly since she was 10 weeks old! Carly makes you feel so welcome and is great at going over everything that we should be doing. Even better when you get to sit, have a cuppa and a chit chat with the other mums in the class. Great getting to know people that have babies about the same age. Carly also makes the best brownies."

Kirsty Johnstone

"Findlay and I have absolutely loved baby massage with Carly, the skills learnt during classes have been a really useful tool in settling and bonding with Findlay. Carly also creates such a welcoming environment for both Mum and baby, which helps everyone to relax. The tea, cake and chat at the end is a real bonus!"

Rosanna Wood

"We have absolutely loved our mornings with Carly. So relaxed and brilliant to be around other mummies and babies. The bonding time has been much appreciated....and the brownies! Thank you Carly!"

Hannah Etherington

"Such a calming relaxing class for mother and baby."

Julie Robertson

"This was the first class I attended with my little one and needless to say, I was feeling all kinds of emotions; worried, anxious, scared (Would she cry? What if she needed fed? What if she was asleep?) As soon as I walked through the door however, I was met with the most warming and friendliest of smiles. Carly put me at ease almost instantly! Zara very much enjoyed the baby massage classes every week. It was a great way of bonding and it relaxed her....and I! I would highy recommend "...with Carly" to all! An approachable, knowledgable and all round lovely practitioner who genuinely cares about her clients. Thank you for everything!!!!"

Gemma Duguid

"5 stars just isn't enough!! My daughter Chloe and I both loved this class. As a first time mum I was keen to try out new classes and I cannot recommend this class highly enough. As soon as you meet Carly you will instantly see just how much she loves her job. The class takes place in Carly's home which makes it very relaxed & there are only 3 mums & 3 babies in the class so it's ideal. Chloe loved her massage time & being with the other 2 babies and mummy loved the homemade chocolate brownies & chatting to Carly and the other 2 mums. We were all sad when the 5 week course was over but we can continue to use the techniques that we learnt. Carly is genuinely lovely, friendly and just AMAZING at what she does. Thanks again Carly love Louise & Chloe xx"

Louise Black

"If I could give more stars I definitely would. As a new Mum it can be a bit daunting doing things with your baby but from the very first message I received from Carly I was put at ease. The atmosphere in Carly's house is very relaxed and chilled and the underfloor heating makes it super cosy for the babies during the massage. Me and my little boy absolutley loved this class, I really really wished it was longer than 5 weeks. The other reviews weren't lying either when they said the homemade brownies were amazing. Thanks so much Carly and I will be continuing massages at home xxx"

Natalie Smith

"As a first time father I was a bit disappointed with the lack of group/classes to go to with my daughter. When I came across Carly's Baby Massage I was delighted to be welcomed in with open arms. The class its self was very good, very informative, relaxed and an all round nice atmosphere to be around. Carly was very knowledgeable and talked through the techniques in great detail. After the class was done people would sit around and just have a chat and share stories and experiences which was nice to do, so you know you're not the only one going through things.


Although I could not make every class due to work commitments, my wife continued to go and carried on doing the massages at home, our daughter really seems to enjoy them.


I would really recomment the classes to anyone and it is all worth it as the brownies that Carly make are awesome!!"

Jon-Paul Irvine

"As a first time mum I was very unsure when going to my very first baby massage class ...with Carly. It was the first baby activity I had signed up for. I was really surprised to receive a video showing me how to get to her home studio before my first class and thought that touch was just brilliant, especially seeing as I didn't know the area. The second I met Carly I felt extremely at ease, comfortable and welcomed into her lovely home with her vibrant and bubbly attitude. With the classes being held in her home studio it is better than any room or hall she could rent, the underfloor heating and low lighting helps to provide such a fantastic and calming atmosphere for both mum and baby. I have found the massage tuition to be really beneficial when soothing my newborn and can't recommend Carly enough. The cherry on top of something already so great has got to be the homemade brownies and cuppa at the end of each class. I will be attending other classes ...with Carly and can't wait to try her brand new dance class with my baby on board. Thank you Carly for a wonderful introduction to the once scary world of baby classes. Love Nicola & Bowen x"

Nicola Jade Payne

"Olivia and I have loved Carly's baby massage class - Carly is a great host and teacher and instantly made us feel at ease in her beautiful home. Each week we've learnt new skills to try out at home in a relaxed and fun environment. The underflooe heating is perfect for the little ones and the brownies are super delicious. A special thanks to Carly for accommodating my dietry needs so I could still have tea and cake after the class! Thanks again, Mhairi & Olivia x"

Mhairi Anthony

"We have loved our weekly baby massage with Carly. This was the first class that we've been to and it's been the perfect introduction to the world of mum & baby classes! Carly creates a lovely, warm & welcoming environment for both mum & baby. Oliver thoroughly enjoys his massage on a Thursday & he leaves the class relaxed & settled; as do I! I couldn't recommend Carly enough for anyone interested in going to baby massage. Thank you."

Fiona Smart Cridland

"From first communication Carly was warm and welcoming. Classes were always beautifully organised and informal, Carly was very understanding if wee one got restless, needed changed or fed and always made my baby and I feel at ease at class. Class size was small which meant it was easy to ask questions and we could all have a blether while doing massage. I would definitely recommend Carly to anyone interested in infant massage or looking to get out and about with a new baby."

Gillian Burns

"Absolutely love baby massage, Carly is a fab teacher, the class is so relaxed and Alfie always so chilled after it! Really going to miss this on a Thursday, especially the mummy treats at the end!! Lol xx"

Lorraine Crawford

"This class was just lovely! Carly is so warm and personable and the venue is very comfortable and homely. The hands-on massage is about 15-20 mins, which Carly explains is the most a baby can take at the beginning without becoming a bit overwhelmed. The techniques have been really helpful for my wee one when suffering from colic and teething and I have learned a lot. The chance to chat and relax with other mums (as well as eat brownies!) has been a highlight in my week. Thoroughly recommend!"

Marie Mitchell

"I can't recommend Carly enough if you are looking for a baby massage class. She is so welcoming and clearly loves what she does and this comes through during classes. There are only 3 of us in the class and this really makes it a lovely relaxed atmosphere which is great for the babies. And I need to mention the homemade brownies afterwards.....delicious!! Learning baby massage, brownies, a cuppa and a chance to chat to the other mums, it's a lovely way to spend an hour and I am sad it's our last week! Thank you so much Carly x"

Gemma Jeffrey

"Would highly recommend Carly to anyone considering baby massage. She is so lovely/welcoming and the underfloor heating ensures that your little one is kept cosy and relaxed throughout the class. Our class is fairly small, which is fab, as gives plenty of time for mummies to learn new skills and for babies to relax and enjoy their massage in a very peaceful environment. Not only does the class help you to learn various massage techniques, it also provides an opportunity for parents to catch up, share stories, ask each other questions and generally have a cuppa and a chat (oh and did I mention the homemade brownies each week... these alone are worth a visit lol). It is a shame that the class only lasts 5 weeks as my daughter and I look forward to our weekly visit and will miss the class once it's finished xx"

Sherrin Woods

"Carly provides a lovely service who takes her time to allow you to learn the massage skills for your baby - I have enjoyed every session where it has been very welcoming and enjoyable which my little boy has also enjoyed. Highly recommend for your little ones."

Leanne McAndie

"My little boy and I love our Thursday mornings with Carly! Cole loves the underfloor heating and getting a pamper and at the same time mum gets a wee blether in a relaxing environment. Carly makes you feel very welcome, is really knowledgable and it's a great wee class! PS - the brownies after are amazing too."

Pamela McDonald

"Had a lovely experience doing baby massage with this lovely girl! Made not only myself but my boy (Millar) very comfortable and welcome. Totally recommend it. Millar has had bowel issues since birth and he really benefited from the massage! Thanks Carly for everything."

Laura Fieldsend

"Had a great time doing baby massage. Harper hasn't always settled and Carly has made sure I was at ease the whole time. Would definitely recommend."

Sarah Lukas

"Can highly recommend baby massage with Carly! She is so welcoming, understanding and such a lovely person. My little one was only 5 weeks when we started and very unsettled. Thanks to the very relaxed atmosphere Carly offers, I have learned a skill to not only bond with my baby but settle her too. She now leaves baby massage a happy baby! Gutted it's only a 5 week course."

Amanda McLuckie

"Can't recommend Carly highly enough, sometimes these classes can be quite awkward on the first visit, Carly instantly made me feel so welcome and relaxed. Miss my Thursday afternoons, as I have said I would just come along for the mummy treat, tea and chat."

Kelly McReynolds

"Highly recommend this! Carly has been super lovely even squeezing me in for an extra session when I missed one when I was in hospital. Ben loves massage so much and the brownies after are to die for!!"

Katharine Macpherson

"We have just finished our block of baby massage and would recommend this class to all. Carly was so friendly and welcoming and we now use baby massage with my daughter every night. Thank you Carly. I miss our Thursday mornings already! x"

Carly Pearl

"Just finished a 5 week massage course with Carly and I am devastated it's finished! We had come to love a Thursday morning and the relaxed atmosphere that Carly creates in her lovely home. Highly recommend booking with her as she really made us feel welcome and chilled and we have learned some lovely skills and techniques to massage at home."

Hannah Nisbet

"Just finished our 5 week block with Carly! We called it our baby spa morning. Carly was amazing! Made some new mummy friends too. Highly recommend baby massage with Carly!"

Deborah Stoddart

"Highly recommend baby massage with Carly. Very relaxing atmosphere. My little boy always left very content. Carly is very friendly and welcoming. We will miss our Thursday morning massage. Thanks again Carly for a great class."

Carly Kadunic

"Such a relaxing, enjoyable class, felt very comfortable and my little girl loved getting her massages every week."

Megan Jarrett

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